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Massage & Body Treatments
Massage Therapy is our specialty. Our approach is clinical and outcome-based.

Depending upon your needs, our massages include your choice of aromatherapy, heat therapy and herbal pillows, topical analgesics, and steam towel applications. We also supply take-home materials for your at-home care between treatments.*

*Note: Asian-based treatments (Shiatsu and Thai Massage) do not, as a general rule, include oil-based applications, topical ointments or heat therapy.  We are happy to provide certain aspects of such, wherever possible, but will be limited by client's clothing typically worn during these massages and the dynamic movements of the stretches involved. 

Oleaslim Body Wrap
60 min...$120

Relax and feel purified. Oleaslim is an all-natural treatment. A remarkable blend of very high quality essential oils with gentle heat help activate metabolism of fat tissue while helping to eliminate excess fluids and cellular waste.This treatment is also very calming and refreshing, and is a favorite of our guests. Especially recommended when preparing for special events where you want to look and feel your best.
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