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Service Enhancements
For an extra special experience, enhance almost any other treatment in our menu of services, with one or more of these therapeutic add-ons.

$10  therapeutic blends
$18  precious and rare oil blends

Natural Balance specializes in therapeutic aromatherapy for emotional and physical wellbeing. We use only therapeutic-grade essential oils that are custom-blended by us, providing you with several, unique blends and genuine results.

Aromatherapy is a subtle but powerful way to enhance your state of being. The essential oils are rich in powerful ingredients that work through the sense of smell, affecting brain chemistry, but also through the skin, absorbed into the lymphatic system and circulating to where it is needed within the body.

Warm compresses enhance absorption and the healing process. In addition to our Aromatherapy Massage, this add-on is a wonderful way to maximize almost any other face, body treatment or massage. Highly recommended!
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