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Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is our specialty. We offer many different types of massage treatments, each one suited to a specific need or preference. Our licensed therapists are highly skilled in formulating a treatment that will address your particular concerns. Their "gift of touch" will leave you feeling better than you can imagine.

Infrared Massage
60 min...$110   I   90 min...$160

6 Session Series:

60 min: $594   
90 min: $882
(all taxes are included in series prices)
Combining L.E.D. infrared low-level heat and vibration with your massage, this treatment addresses acute or chronic spasms, inflamed joints, and reduced range of motion.  Low-level laser light infrared therapy has been clinically proven to help with symptoms of pain, swelling and inflammation, by improving blood circulation and accelerating the cellular healing process without negative side-effects.  The light stimulates your body to produce the natural compounds needed for tissue repair.  L.E.D. multi-color therapy utilizes both visible and invisible spectrums of light energy and is readily absorbed into the areas being treated. 

A series of treatments will yield the best results for chronic, problem areas of pain or discomfort.

This treatment is very safe for all; during pregnancy or for high-risk medical conditions, we will require prior authorization from your physician.

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