“Dearest Linda, what can I say? What a beautiful way for Robert and me to celebrate our anniversary, giving ourselves the gift of wellness.  OK, we drank a glass of wine, which was wonderful with the fruit and cheese. What a nice touch. Thank you again and again for having a great oasis right in our back yard.  I so love the energy of Natural Balance and your staff were so helpful. Good times always to be remembered. I brought our wedding album so Rob & I could reminisce; we sobbed like babies, sipping the wine, .just the perfect touch. We loved our treatments. What’s not to like? From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for making our day even more special!”  -Patty Weitzman

“I had visited your place this afternoon and received a treatment from Teresa. I would like to take the opportunity to express my great experience with your staff. I was scheduled for a hot stone massage, originally. When I arrived, I had mentioned to one of your receptionists about a massage I had in Mexico that was phenomenal. It was a hot stone massage as well, but they incorporated mineral salts all over the body as well, finishing with a gentle scrub-down...Your staff took the time to figure out how it can work, time and service-wise. To make a long story short, Teresa delivered very well! She was able to target my problematic muscle areas without my even saying. I would highly recommend your spa to others, gladly.
-Satisfied customer, Irene Y.”

“The staff and services at Natural Balance are not only superior in quality but also superior in professionalism and integrity. As a customer who utilizes both massage therapy and yoga, I leave Natural Balance feeling peace of mind and health of body.” –Dr. William Palumbo

“I was smoking over two packs a day and after my acupuncture treatments, I have not smoked for nine months! Even with chronic Bronchitis and COPD, nothing else stopped me, but the acupuncture took me to the next level, allowing me to finally stop. Thank you for everything!” –Leslie Flores

“Dear Linda, thank you!! I enjoyed the evening at Natural Balance so much, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know! The buffet was spectacular! Your selections were really superb! The workshop was really enjoyable – it was good to laugh and play! Thank you, too, for your warm welcome...I look forward to another workshop soon. Be good to you!” –Laura Pfister

“Regarding the Mineral Glow Scrub, I do all sorts of these types of things at home, but it is not the same as what you do! Your treatment is so much more detailed, thorough and so relaxing!  It’s so good to get the dead winter skin off, and reinvigorate yourself!” –Michelle Q.

“...As I’m sure you know, I’ve been coming to your massage therapy center for about nine years now. I have never had a bad massage, or less than very professional and pleasurable experiences. However, today, I had my massage therapy experience of my life. The person who gave me my massage was so professional, caring and connected, on a level beyond physical, almost spiritual in a way. She worked very hard and seems to really care about her profession, her art. Thank you again Linda.” – Joe F.

“Mr. Yaden combines a high sense of professionalism with a genuine, humane approach to helping his patients achieve a desired state of wellness. He is insightful and has a good grasp of the complexities of the person he is working with. Not only did I find my hypnosis sessions with him relaxing and invigorating but I walked away with concrete tools that I could implement into my daily life. The after-effects are long lasting!” –Riva Nissel

“I suffer from MS and started coming to Natural Balance for massages. After my first massage I noticed improved circulation, less headaches and body aches, and my medication was working better so I was able to take less. I absolutely love this place. The staff is wonderful, very friendly and accommodating.”
-Kim Andrade

“I had a yoga session and it was amazing! The teacher did restorative yoga with me and I have not felt so stretched in a positive way in a long time. He was especially attentive to my medical and spiritual needs. ...such a great twist on the Hatha Yoga. Thanks.” –Beth Schultz