Corporate Events & Gift Giving

Stress reduction and support for your employee’s mental and physical health, are scientifically proven ways to ensure greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall, increased workplace satisfaction.
Whether your company is a small, sole proprietorship, a mid-sized company or a large corporation, Natural Balance Massage & Wellness Center is at your service. We can tailor a package to accommodate your special needs, including but not limited to:
  • a single, one-time event at your place of business
  • a single, one-time event at our location
  • an ongoing wellness program of monthly visits for on-site massage
  • Corporate Spa Gift Packages
  • Bulk purchases of 12 or more Massage or Yoga Gift Certificates
Corporate gifting is great for the holidays or throughout the entire year, to thank an employee for a job well done or to commemorate a special achievement.
For more information and to discuss your particular needs, please call Linda Camarda at (718) 336-8400 or email to