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Service Enhancements
For an extra special experience, enhance almost any other treatment in our menu of services, with one or more of these therapeutic add-ons.

Antioxidant Hot Paraffin
$20 (hands or feet)
$30 (both)

Heated paraffin has been used for years by rehabilitation specialists for its therapeutic properties. Paraffin therapy speeds healing, soothing muscle and joint pain. Paraffin is also very useful as a skin treatment, helping to alleviate dryness and increasing circulation for dermal nourishment.

We utilize a potent antioxidant infusion to achieve younger, healthier looking skin. In addition, our unique, single-use, hygienic delivery system allows us to reactivate the heat after it has already begun to cool off.

Treatment includes organic toner, dry brushing massage and moisturizer followed by heated aroma mitts and/or booties.

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Aroma Scalp Massage

Treat yourself to an aroma scalp massage treatment. A combination of Indian Head Massage with Aromatherapy and steam towels, this a great add-on if you are receiving a body treatment, facial, or massage. Your head and neck will be vigorously massaged as pressure points are activated. Relieves stress and strain, increases circulation, and leaves you feeling ultra-relaxed!

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$10  therapeutic blends
$18  precious and rare oil blends

Natural Balance specializes in therapeutic aromatherapy for emotional and physical wellbeing. We use only therapeutic-grade essential oils that are custom-blended by us, providing you with several, unique blends and genuine results.

Aromatherapy is a subtle but powerful way to enhance your state of being. The essential oils are rich in powerful ingredients that work through the sense of smell, affecting brain chemistry, but also through the skin, absorbed into the lymphatic system and circulating to where it is needed within the body.

Warm compresses enhance absorption and the healing process. In addition to our Aromatherapy Massage, this add-on is a wonderful way to maximize almost any other face, body treatment or massage. Highly recommended!
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Green Tea & Mint Foot Treatment
A refreshing, cooling treat for feet in need. Perhaps you are on your feet all day, or your peripheral circulation isn't the best, or your soles are rough and dry. In either or all of these cases, this triple-purpose treatment will help.  Combining a revitalizing scrub, an invigorating tea and mint mask, followed by a healing heel salve that helps to repair calloused skin, you'll feel as if you are walking on air.  Can be added to any facial, massage, and select body treatments.

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Elbow Peel Treatment

If you have rough, darkened, scaly or pimply elbows, restore them to a smooth, refined look with this powerful Kerafole treatment and wrap. Dissolves away the dead skin, leaving in its' place a soft, rehydrated appearance and feel.
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V-Neck Smoothing Treatment

This micro-treatment for the neck and upper chest area provides a big dose of circulation, utilizing ingredients that firm and temporarily help to minimize the appearance of sagging, crepe-like skin.  This a great enhancement for your facial visit, especially when preparing for a special event or night out on the town!
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