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Wellness & Fitness
Counseling Therapy / Life Coaching / Philosophical Counseling
$150 session     
$700 5-session series     
$1350 10-session series

Incorporating a variety of counseling modalities, this unique whole-person therapy is a program that addresses present issues while also cultivating your inner philosopher, helping you to achieve your goals with real-life tools for resolving issues and problems.

This form of counseling work is much like traditional psychotherapy. However, instead of offering solutions based solely on psychology, philosophical counseling offers solutions and guidance drawn from great thinkers and real life.

Philosophical logic helps you to reason clearly, similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, by applying critical thinking to personal problems or relational problems.

In addition, this program combines elements of life coaching for practical solutions and management of your short and long-term goals.

Sessions are 45 minutes

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